Malong Ni Mama: Healthy Sustainable Relief Goods For Typhoon Survivors In The Philippines. Local multipurpose practical nourishing items in reusable packaging. Wrapped with love in a malong— a traditional Pinoy multipurpose garment/bag/blanket/etc.— like a care package from a mom.

Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) has devastated parts of the Philippines, leaving thousands dead and millions lacking food, water, shelter, power, communication, and livelihood.

As you know we go through this kind of disaster pretty much every year, and tons of plastic and instant food are sent in relief goods. We understand there’s really a dire need for these instant-use goods, and there’s definitely a place for them in first-response situations, but we also really need to figure out sustainable long-term solutions to mitigate waste and help us be better prepared for the next disaster.

Sustainability means improving health, reducing waste, protecting natural resources, and restoring livelihood opportunities in order to help people in the long-term. Specifically that means reducing single-use plastic materials, using nutrient-dense low-cost practical local foods, using clever multipurpose items, and empowering people with clean technology and the means for them to begin rebuilding.

We, Filipino creatives Hannah Liongoren and Feanne Hontiveros Mauricio, began “Malong Ni Mama” as a way to help people help themselves and the environment. Our initial beneficiary is Guiuan, Eastern Samar, which was where the typhoon made landfall.

The “malong” is a traditional Pinoy multipurpose one-size-fits-all fabric rectangle that can be adapted for use as comfortable clothing, eco-friendly bag, blanket, baby crib, and so on. Guided by Hannah’s mom, Norma Liongoren, who’s done social work in Samar and is familiar with local culture and resources, we are putting together malong-wrapped packs filled with healthy and sustainable goodies.

We are accepting donations in cash and in kind.
Send funds to Hannah Liongoren’s Paypal email address or contact us for bank deposit details. Please let us know if you are sending funds so we can track your donations properly, thank you.
Drop off items at Liongoren Gallery, 111 New York Ave. corner Standford, Brgy. Ermin Garcia, Cubao, Quezon City.

These are the items we plan to include in our packs:

Note: As much as possible, we are choosing products that are packaged in reusable containers, not tear-open plastic bags.

- Dried Fish
- Bagoong
- Legumes (beans such as monggo)
- Dried Fruit
- Peanut Butter
- Banana Chips
Note: We are purchasing peanut butter (made with peanuts, butter, and coconut sugar) and banana chips from the livelihood projects of Foundation of Our Lady of Peace┬áMission run by Sr. Eva Maamo. This means we hit two birds with one stone— helping typhoon victims and supporting local communities at the same time!

- Malong
- Any clean clothes, sorted (adult and child)

- Rain boots *
- Slippers
- Rubber shoes *

- Lagundi Syrup *
- Vitamin C
- Virgin Coconut Oil
- Malunggay Capsules

- Heavy Duty Gloves
- Matches
- Solar Powered Cellphone Chargers *
- Water Purification Materials *

* Items marked with asterisks are those that we need more help in acquiring.

Please help us spread the word. Thank you so much! Let us know your feedback or questions anytime.
~ Hannah Liongoren ( & Feanne Hontiveros Mauricio (